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Looking for a cougar my first


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Saw cougar crossing the road in the Crystal Community at pm. Could NOT believe it! Reporter: heidi sullivan Loooing of sighting : eagleville, TN Time of Report: Oct Color of cougar: tanish grey Description of sighting: I saw it walk across my yard and into the woods on our property.

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He was larger than my 6 year old male German Shepherd. Foor notice 2 animals on the west side of the highway about yards from the road. The doctor next door found feces in his compost bin which has a six foot fence around it.

Looking for a cougar my first

Definitely moved like a cat and was not domestic because it was big 75 lbs maybe? They also put me in my local Wilson County agent's voic. The U. The body was about 4 feet long plus the long tail.

Looking for a cougar my first

Now I am alittle worried since our son is wanting to deerhunt by himself. In fact, I am so confident this cat is a threat to surrounding livestock, I stopped the next day to share my experience with the gentleman coutar owns cattle within close proximity to my sighting. I went up the road to drive across the top of the dam.

Looking for a cougar my first

Can you please help or give more advice? Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a large "cat like" animal to my left in a field approx. Reporter: City of sighting : castalian springs, TN Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: late afternoon 4th july week-end i saw what i thought to be a yellow lab in a field off hwy 25 near blesoe creek bridge after a better look it was walking low and very cat like and definitly not a dog. When it stood up I could clearly see the entire body and long tail.

Though many people have reported seeing cougars in the East, Service biologists have found no scientific evidence of the eastern cougar subspecies since the late s.

Evidence does not support hunting as a way to control cougars: study - opb

The streets of the town of Llandudno in North Wales were taken over by mountain goats a few days agoand peacocks have been seen in Bangor in the same region. There was no mistaking him for anything but a cougar. It was running on the pavement. Sederbaum saw his friend being pulled away by the cougar and had time to escape on his bicycle and then call for help, Abbott said.

I usually see deer in this field but thought these looked to dark to be deer. It was after a duck that lived on Lookung pond. George's Independent School, Collierville the Wolf River Entrance sitting in the road was a cougar, looked about the size of a full grown labrador, but thin.

Qualicum man shares tale of 2 cougar encounters in 2 weeks | ctv news

Saw cougar crossing the road in the Crystal Community at pm. The tail was almost as long as its body. The long curved tail was clearly visible - and it was obviously a big cat. Again, no mistaking him for anything other than a cougar. We see bobcats often while at the river but firzt anything this big.

Looking up the reigns and showing some vulnerability as a man filled with machismo Since this was my fot foray into the realm of dating women only slightly. The female cougar captured last week in Chicureo, just north of the capital, weighed 22kg The last fatal cougar attack in Washington occurred inwhen Jimmy Fehlhaber, 13, died trying to outrun a cougar, according to the Quad City Herald archives.

Cougars mailbag: why you shouldn’t lose your thanksgiving appetite over the cougars’ three decommits

First Access to Latest Just $ per week for the first 24 weeks women, the site has men as young as 18 "looking for [a]hot older firdt. Those were the explanations offered to me after contacting TWRA I am quite familiar with how those animals appear in the wild. I estimate the weight 60 to 80 pounds. She has a career and makes six figures, whereas I make about 1/5 what she does and still am not successful in my career.

There is no doubt that it was a cougar. I took a shot and went underneath it's belly.

Qualicum man shares tale of 2 cougar encounters in 2 weeks

This area is a lightly traveled area and is a "back way" to get to work. I'm not sure it was a cougar as Ny never seen one before. Experts say a severe drought in the foothills around Santiago means the cats are venturing further in their search for food than they normally would. Cougar was laying down in a shady area of the road.

Looking for a cougar my first

I slowed down because I didn't want to get too close thinking it may turn and come after me. He was solid Tan and ran very low to the ground. The cat finally went into the woods. This looked nothing like them.

Dating a cougar

I was travelling south on Hwy 76 from Brownsville to Somerville about 7 am. However, if I had to guess what animal I saw this would be my guess. The first thing I. It was running pretty fast and had a graceful cat-like stride. The most recent cougar to be caught was found inside an apartment complex. I was about yards from it when it emerged, and closer still when it turned and ran back.

Looking for a cougar my first

We have had this firdt spotted in Billy's barn and the house next rirst him more family. I was not aware, or had not ever heard of cougars or any other type of "big cat" in the Franklin area, BUT, I am certain of what I saw The cat was large, brown with a long tail, and we could conclude nothing else except that it was a cougar. But the cougar returned and jumped on Sederbaum, Abbott said.

It was just so unreal because I did'nt think they were around this area. There were lights on each step so we could easily watch it. Santiago has six million inhabitants.

Seth meyers makes light of b.c. woman who scared cougar by blasting metallica – abbotsford news

It LLooking crossing a field. The cougars that many people have seen in the East from Maine to South Carolina originally may have been kept as pets or for exhibition and originated in the West or in South American. I will be telling my neighbors to keep watch, as it was nearly within sight of my home in Giltedge.