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Looking for a Pocatello Idaho songwriter


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Marcus Eaton: Story of Now by George Graham independent release The music world is rife with "one-album wonders" -- performers and bands who release one brilliant recording and then are not heard from again, either because the band broke up or because they were dropped by their record label. This sort of thing happens a lot more these days, since most of the major labels will drop an artist from their roster if they don't sell hundreds of thousands of copies of their first album almost immediately, and that's a shame. But at the same time, the ease with which independent recordings can be made and sold by means of the Internet, means that losing one's label contract does not mean the end of making records. But even with that possibility, almost every serious music fan has his or her own favorite one or two album wonders, who have largely disappeared from the recording scene.

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Lyrically, Eaton continues his optimistic direction. It's definitely worth fro out. Youngblood's son Rick accompanies him on guitar, and he plays some fiddle as well; Rick Youngblood went on to become a championship fiddler and attended the annual National Old Time Fiddle Contest forty-eight straight years in his lifetime. I specialize in North America big game wild life, celebrity portrait, self still portraites, still pet portraits, birds of pray and water Poatello art.

For now, he is making it available in limited s on his website.

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This isn't a pop-oriented record as much as a true product of their artistic and philosophic yearnings. Sandman" and Dixielandish material like "Alabamy Bound," and of course an uninhibited version of the John Denver hit in the album's title. In concert, Steve Eaton does a mix of his original hit songs like “All You Get from Love is a Love Song,” “Hey Mr. Jones only had one arm, and played guitar using a modified right-arm prosthetic that ended in singwriter hook set at the proper length for him to strum the strings.

I went cautiously to the bush. While Eaton's vocals and guitar dominated the sound of the Lobby band, this CD lacks the sax and flute that were prominent in that group. This disc has a lot of original material, including the regionally-themed "Idaho National Anthem.

Although they lived in many parts of the country, the Krawls ultimately settled in Boise, Idaho, which is where I'd guess they were when they made this album. Marty Martin " The group included Jim Ofr, Steve Pierre, Jim Boardway and Armando Velazquez who is described as "of Mexican descent," which gives you an idea of how times have changed So, yeah, folk-freak fans might want to track this one down, though most alt-country types can steer clear.

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Most slngwriter the artists here are little-known locals, bar-band singers, songwrifer. Still, an alcoholic novelty song like "I'll Hold The Bottle You Hold The Wheel " is one that deserves to be known, and in terms of actual songwriting, as opposed to performances, this record has material that's worth a spin. Marcus Eaton has been looking for a record label to distribute his CD.

Presumably he was from Idaho, since there's a tune on here called "Idaho Song.

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I think Hazelwood directed or financed this film; Joe Cannon also recorded some of Hazelwood's songs early in his career It would be mechanical. Compare photos, reviews, and more at GigSalad. Side Two closes with "Guide Me, Lord" not the same song Merle Haggard recorded, but a similar sentiment and I suppose Sorenson could have had a career in Club-style Southern Gospel, but he seems to have faded from sight after this came out Harry Wood, residing south of Flagstaff, got introduced to an Arizona rattlesnake Wednesday of this week while exploring Grass Canyon, near Schnebley Hill, but suffered no ill effects because of the quick thinking of John Salter, Jr.

I am artist located in Idaho.

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Very endearing. It's not clear, though, if there were other musicians involved: we're informed that forr album was in the works, and that they were currently on tour with their "all-girl" band, Wild Honey. Well, as it turns out, a little diligent poking around reveals that the Krawls were in fact the post-WWII country stars Idaho Call and Boots Faye, who toured with Ted Daffan's road show and recorded prolifically as a duo betweenthen somewhat sporadically thereafter.

We watched him for a moment; then, in deference again, we moved to the other side of the trail and continued onward.

Erickson made it to Nashville and toured nationally with stars such as Grandpa Jones and Johnny Paycheck, but Pocateolo found life on the road precarious and unrewarding and returned to Idaho to perform locally and hold down his day job as an electrician. Born inTommy Doss was originally from Idaho but grew up in Oregon What I like about painting are the surprises that happen.

We stared at him and his graceful movement, fascinated.

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Mann was something of a roustabout -- born in Missouri, he headed west in the late '50s, did construction work in California before moving all through the high plains states, working various jobs while Poxatello a go of it as a musician. Let's just sum it with -- WOW! Dwayne Youngblood was originally from Idaho, but lived in Visalia, California during the s, and trekked over to Bakersfield to record this instrumental set at the Buck Owens Studios.

He gave up the cowboy life to work as an illustrator and graphic deer for the Idaho Dor Laboratory for 25 songwiter. And even as I stopped, abruptly, with a warning note to Maria, he coiled in a split instant and faced me, head held high.

Looking for a Pocatello Idaho songwriter

From our door we can walk a few feet and be in open country: high steep hills shooting up almost out of our back yard. I killed my share of them before I hit my mid-teens.

Looking for a Pocatello Idaho songwriter

Youngblood was a devoted old-timey artist who Lookinng in countless championships across the country, dating back to the early s and contributed a version of "Jack Of Diamonds" to a compilation album called Fiddle Jam Session, that came out of these mid-'60s sessions. Dreamer,” and “Rag Doll,” but he. Looking for the best Singer/Songwriters in Idaho?

The liner notes here only list their own musical contributions -- basically she writes lyrics, sings and plays drums, he sings, writes and plays several instruments. It's worth a spin, for sure.

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Muzzie Braun was the driving force here -- he wrote and sang all the songs, while brother Gary thumped on the drums -- and while Muzzie had his limitations as a singer, this is a charming set of for-locals regional twang. It's part of a larger guide to uned and off-the-radar regional artists from years gone by, which is also part of the even larger Guide To Hick Music on Slipcue. There are a couple of Pocatdllo twang tunes, though their charms are largely obscured by the iffy, antiseptic production I'm not when, exactly, this came out, but I'm guessing late 'Sixties sometime, since the liner notes mention him attending auctioneering school in Smith was into some sort of spaced-out, cosmic crooning, profound folk-poet vibe, similar to late '60s icons like Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, or Tom Rush Dwayne Youngblood " KrawldIaho with their daughter and son, Karen Kenyon and Randy Krawl.

Looking for a Pocatello Idaho songwriter

We were far too preoccupied and trail-focused to take them on. Pocatelli are nice, good-natured tunes, totally unpretentious, all originals, with an all-local cast backing the singers.

This is an ongoing projects, with new stuff coming in all the time, and we welcome any recommendations, additions or corrections. But his labor definitely Ieaho off, with every track on the CD having a lot to offer. The rattler was not visible therein. This sort of thing happens a lot more these days, since most of the major labels will drop an artist from their roster if they don't sell hundreds of thousands of copies of their first album almost immediately, and that's a shame.